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Zhengzhou Riseusn Materials Tech Co., Ltd.

About us

Zhengzhou Risesun Materials Tech Co., Ltd is specialized in producing & researching SiC heating elements, which was founded by professional team of production, technology, management and sales in 2014, and the team has 30 years of working experience. Since company foundation, the growth rate keeps more than 30% yearly, and our SiC heating elements match to most of famous manufacturers of kiln & furnace in China, Risesun has become a well-known brand of SiC heating elements and one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Expansion of 13000 M2 new factory was finished in 2018, output achieved 240 tons yearly; we developed & researched the high density SiC heating elements in 2019 and produced in mass successfully, density achieved to 2.65g/CM3, through lab testing and clients trial producing, service life of it improved more than 50% under various conditions than common ones.

We have advanced process & technology, advanced production & test equipments, rich experience of manufacturing, excellent system of quality control and environment protection. We provide customers with super quality products, professional technology solution & service. Our sold throughout the China and cover dozens of countries, our customers include the worldwide well-known manufacturers in various industries.

Our advantage:
- Stable quality
- Fast delivery
- Design and consultation of heating elements for various kiln & furnace
- Design, development and application consultation of special SiC heating elements

“Professional, Quality, Integrity, Innovation” is our core idea. To choose Risesun is to choose rest assured!



Growth rate keeps more than 30% yearly



Output achieved 240 tons yearly



Team has 30 years of working experience



Products cover dozens of countries

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